Apollo Electric and Pump

Serving Butte County since 1991

Cont. Lic. 625232

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Apollo Electric and Pump has been serving Northern California for over 25 years.  Based out of Paradise, in Butte County, California, we are centrally located between Glen, Tehama, and Yuba, and Sutter Counties. 


 We are  a highly skilled electrical contracting company that can replace a faulty switch in a mobile or manufactured  home, to  wiring a garage or  a new residential home or commercial building, warehouse, industrial plants, hullers, to  installing electrical power to X-ray machines, complex MRI diagnostic equipment and operating room emergency back-up generators in level four trauma centers.



The owner, Nick Fiorenza’s, expertise in troubleshooting is second to none.  Nick began his career in New York and is known as a top notch motor control man across the country.


Combined with his decades of experience.  Nick and hiss highly skilled team  take a logical and analytical approach to diagnosing and repairing any electrical or well pump  problems and malfunction whether it be 12 volt DC or a 12,000 volt, 3 phase Delta/Wye AC systems.  Unlike other electrical companies that change parts until the problem is resolved.  Apollo Electric and Pump, and the Paradise electricians get it right the first time.  Which saves everyone time and money.  And of course our company guarantees and stands behind their work.



Our company provides, installs, services, and repairs irrigation systems from residential to agricultural.  Time clocks, water reducers, frost protection, and provides soft start ramp up controls to extend the life of your pump.  Ask about our constant pressure systems for residential or our agricultural automation controllers.

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